Tiger Woods has taken a number of losses over the course of the last few years. From his personal life to the golf course, he hasn't had much success. So, it should come as no surprise to hear that Tiger lost again yesterday—this time in a one-on-one exhibition match against Rory McIlroy in China. But, after the match, Woods didn't sound all that disappointed. Why, you ask? Well, because he collected a cool $2 million purse just for participating, while McIlroy received "just" $1 million for his services.

"This is certainly not like most Mondays," Woods said after the event at the Jinsha Lake Golf Club in central China. "To have this many people come out and watch us play golf in an exhibition was something special. This doesn't happen. As far as doing something like this down the road, it would be fun."

We're sure it would be. Especially if there's another $2 million check attached to it, right?

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[via ESPN]