There's nothing new about professional athletes getting arrested for DUI. In fact, it happens a little too often, if you ask us. But, this story involving a former pro athlete getting busted for DUI is easily the strangest one we've ever read.

Last night at about 7:20 PM, police in New Lenox, Ill. received a call about a Ford F-150 that was sitting in the middle of a cornfield. And, when they arrived, they found former MLB catcher Carlton Fisk sitting behind the wheel of the truck fast asleep, reportedly with an open bottle of vodka next to him. Paramedics were called and the Hall of Fame player was rushed to a nearby hospital for tests. But, shortly after his check-up, he was arrested on suspicion of DUI after refusing a blood alcohol test.

But, yo: A cornfield?! We're not going to make too many jokes here, because it's clear that Mr. Fisk probably has a serious problem. But, we are going to say that if this doesn't encourage him to help, nothing will. Because, like we said, this is far from your ordinary "athlete gets arrested for DUI" story. This is just crazy.

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[via TMZ]