Brian Hartline is one of few white wide receivers in the NFL. Regardless of being Caucasian, however, the fact that Hartline currently leads the league with 514 receiving yards while flying under the radar on a young, unproven Dolphins team is quite impressive. Still, Hartline's teammates feel that his lack of attention by the opposition is due to his skin tone.

When the Palm Beach Post asked if people underrate Hartline’s speed because he is white, his teammate and fellow receiver Davone Bess gave a very candid response. “Yeah, man. Definitely. He can run. That’s good that they sleep on him, because come game time he can open up on them,” Bess said. In addition, quarterback Ryan Tannehill said, “I’ve had that label before, too. It’s just kind of a stigma that comes with it. If it helps you, then it helps you. I don’t know if teams underestimate him or anything, but he’s making plays for us, and it doesn’t matter what color you are.”

After this claim, we're sure that the best cornerbacks of the league will make sure to pay extra attention to Hartline and see just how underrated he actually is. Then, we'll see where he ranks among the best receivers in the NFL at the end of the season.  

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[via Larry Brown Sports]