The 2012 MLB Postseason is upon us. However, before the Divisional match-ups could take place, the Wild Card spots needed to be filled out through the newly-implemented one-game playoff showdown. In the American League, the Texas Rangers were eliminated last night by the Baltimore Orioles, 5-1, which completed Texas' epic collapse from a comfortable lead in the AL West standings to a no show during October baseball.

As the entire Rangers team and their fans now realize, no lead is really safe. On June 30th, the AL West champion Oakland Athletics were down by 13 games in the division when they surged to within two with a three-game series against the Rangers on the horizon. The A's went on to sweep a struggling Texas team that eventually missed out on their dream of competing in October. As a result, the Rangers' postseason ambitions are history and the meltdown that led to this moment is now in the history books as one of the worst to ever happen in the majors.

And with every epic fallout, there needs to be a scapegoat that deserves the finger. No, not that one. Well, kinda. So, to commemorate the Rangers fallout, we take a look at the athlete, concession snacks and even animals truly responsible for the most tragic flops in MLB regular season history in the Real Reasons behind the 10 Biggest Collapses in Baseball History.

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