Brent Barry: The Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers, Brooklyn Nets, and New York Knicks. I don’t see anyone sneaking up on Miami and the level of play that they’re at. Indiana can cause some problems, and between what’s going on in the boroughs between Brooklyn and New York, it'll be fun to see which of those teams can put it together. Then there's also what Doc Rivers does in Boston with some young legs, and Rajon Rondo maybe taking a much bigger role in Boston, but I don’t think anyone in the East will be creeping up on the Heat.
Chris Webber: Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors. The West is so tough that a lot of good teams are not going to make the playoffs in the West, whereas in the East a lot of bad teams are going to make the playoffs. That being said, my sleeper teams would be Denver and Golden State.
Greg Anthony: **Dallas Mavericks**, Indiana Pacers, Golden State Warriors, Brooklyn Nets. I think Dallas is a team that a lot of people thought really got left out when they weren’t able to get Deron Williams or Dwight Howard. They have a roster of veterans that could make them competitive if Nowitzki comes back healthy. Indiana is a team I’m interested to see if they can continue their upward trajectory in the Eastern Conference because the East has gotten a lot better. Golden State could be a team that you see making that push to improve and make the postseason. Brooklyn is a team that I’m really excited to see. With Joe Johnson and Deron Williams both being healthy, Brook Lopez coming back from injury, and Kris Humphries with the ability to control the defensive backboard.
Dennis Scott: Denver Nuggets and Brooklyn Nets. The sleeper team out West is the Denver Nuggets. I think George Karl is one of those coaches who is determined to win with his style, pace, and uptempo style of game and I think Andre Iguodala fits right into what he needed. In the Eastern Conference, I think the sleeper team is probably going to be Brooklyn. Of course, all the hype of the new arena and the move is a great storyline, but they’re going to be the team that is going to surprise people in the East because of Deron Williams and Joe Johnson.
Steve Smith: Chicago Bulls and Denver Nuggets. In the East, it will probably be the Chicago Bulls, not that they will win the championship because everyone is looking at them with Derrick Rose out and him not being there this season. I think that they will have a solid year before Rose returns and hopefully he returns this season. In the Western Conference, I would go with the Denver Nuggets. They’re going to sneak up on some people.