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Sport: Basketball
Years Active: 2006-2011
Career Stats: 19.0 PPG 4.3 RPG 4.7 APG 1.0 SPG
Injuries: Arthroscopic knee surgery on both knees, Meniscus tear in right knee, lack of cartilage between bones in both knees

The 2007 Rookie of the Year,6"6 shooting guard Brandon Roy was an explosive player that could get to the rim and finish, to go along with a killer crossover and step back J. Portland was looking to take over the Western Conference with Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Greg Oden, but injuries hampered this trio from ever really coming together and being successful. Despite averaging 22 points a game, Roy's NBA career took a turn for the worst with arthroscopic surgery on his left knee, then he had a meniscus tear in his right knee.

During the 2010-2011 season, Roy had arthroscopic surgery on both knees, and upon return, was delegated to a sixth man role. Roy showed that he still had some juice left in those knees when he took over the fourth quarter during Game 4 of the 2011 First Round series vs. Dallas. He went off for 18 points, including a 4-point play and led his team to victory. But that would be the last time he would put on a Trailblazers uniform, as he would go on to retire right before the start of the 2012 season. Brandon has signed with the T'wolves over the offseason and plans on making a comeback during the 2013 season. Let's hope he's able to stick around.