Sport (Years Played): Basketball (1993-2006)
Accolades: 4x NBA All-Star, 1997 All-NBA Second Team

Vin Baker had a pretty good upbringing. He was raised with a pastor father in the very nice neighborhood of Old Saybrook, CT, became a college star, made four All-Star teams, but somewhere in the middle of his NBA career, it all fell apart. Baker's alcoholism was first revealed in 2003. He was suspended by the Boston Celtics, and the Celtics insisted that Baker go get treatment for the rest of the 2002-03 season in a 28 day program at Silver Hill hospital in Connecticut.

The next season Baker attended AA meetings and underwent testing for alcohol abuse. Baker's career faded very quickly after his alcoholism became public. He has made progress to recover, but he did have a setback in 2007 when he was arrested for drunk driving after his playing days ended. #driveslowhomie