Sport (Years Played): Basketball (1999-Present)
Accolades: 2010 NBA Champion, 2004 NBA All-Star, 2004 NBA Defensive Player of the Year

You have to give the guy props for being honest. Some athletes prefer drinks like Gatorade and water during half-time, others like Ron Artest, prefer to drink Hennessy in the locker room. To each his own, right? Queens born and bread, Metta World Peace is a lock-down defender and was an integral part of the Lakers 2010 championship squad, but this badass is also remembered for one of the darkest blemishes in NBA history.

Nobody will forget the beer cup heard 'round the world that plunked Artest while he was laying on the scorers table during an '04 game between the Pacers and Pistons at the Palace; the spark that sent the madman into a rage that ended with a full on brawl in the stands with fans and multiple player suspensions. Let's not make such an issue of Artest drinking at half-time, it was Chicago, and clearly nobody in L.A. cares. Besides, that was Ron Artest, this is Metta World Peace.