Sport (Years Played): Baseball (1951-1968)
Accolades: 20x All-Star, 3x AL MVP, 7x World Series Champion

Mickey Mantle is a seven-time World Series champion and a 20-time MLB all-star but here's another description the "The Mick" is known for: an alcohol abuser of 42 years. We all remember Mantle and Maris chasing the single-season home run record in the HBO documentary 61*, but we also remember Mantle for his off the field antics and his ability to drink like a goddamn fish.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated in '94, Mantle said he began every morning for 10 years with what he called the "breakfast of champions"a big glass with a shot or more of brandy mixed with Kahlua and cream. FOH, Wheaties! Dude showed up to the ballpark hungover, had numerous marital infidelities and was still one of the greatest baseball players of all time, capturing three AL MVP awards in his 18-year career. What does this say? God-given talent trumps a healthy lifestyle any day of the week, until you get Hodgkin's disease and spend your remaining days in and out of hospitals. Whatever, chicks dig the long ball.