Sport (Years Played): Soccer (1963-1984)
Accolades: 1968 European Cup, 1967-68 FWA Footballer of the Year

Maybe it's the footie or maybe it's the weather, regardless of the reason, the American perception is that our neighbors across the pond basically live in pubs and there are pubs everywhere. In the sad case of George Best this notion extends to athletes as well. Best was touted as one of the best young players of his generation and his record at Manchester United backed that claim, 137 goals in 361 appearances for the Red Devils.

But Best became one of the first celebrity footballers and ultimately fell victim to alcoholism, which would plague him until the end of his days. Maradona, Ronaldo, why do all the best players have some tragic character flaw that prevents them from fulfilling their true potential? Whatever, it didn't stop Best from winning the European Cup and being crowned European Footballer of the year in '68. "The beautiful boy" once said of his career, "I spent 90 percent of my money on women, drinking and fast cars. The rest I wasted." Hey at least he had no regrets right?