Player(s): Steve Bartman (fan)
Game(s): Game 6, 2003 NLCS
Date(s): 10/14/2003

Steve Bartman is a baseball fan's baseball fan. You know this because he was listening to Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS even though he was sitting in the first row. And he didn't deserve 99% of the fury—and that's what it was—from Cubs fans and the Chicago media (and the frickin' governor, some guy named Blagojevich who said that Bartman would "never get a pardon" from him—who needs the pardon now, big boy?). We'll even go out on a limb, and say that the Cubs deserve to have their curse extended because of the vile behavior directed Steve's way by a very small part of their fanbase. But we can't not call Bartman's move a fail. Do fans lose their minds when foul balls are hit their way? Yup, they even drop their kids. Here's a quick rule of thumb (and all the other fingers on your paws): If your team is at bat, feel free to go after the ball (we see you Jeffrey Maier!); if the other team's up, sit on your hands, chew on 'em, grope your date with 'em, whatever—just don't go after the ball.