The Nissan Pathfinder first hit roads in 1986. Since then, the SUV has gone through four significant body changes, developing ably with the times. The 2013 version is available in both 4WD and 2WD and in four models. The truck features an industry first second row tip-up seat, allowing easy third row access with a child seat is installed. Are you thinking what we are? Probably. The tip-up seat means you can strap a keg into the first rear row without creating a compromising situation for your buddy as he tries to enter the car.

Anyway, other options include new navigation and increased connectivity to mobile devices. Base price, for the Pathfinder S 2WD, is $28,270. If you go whole hog, driving off the lot in a Pathfinder Platinum 4WD, you're looking to drop just over $40k.

[via Nissan]

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