If you're looking for to waste a ton of money on a boat that makes you a huge snob, we found the right fit for you. It's called the Ultraluxum CXL, it's 157 feet, and it has folding hull beams. The concept is built with carbon fiber and is based on Formula 1 racing technology. 

"...I had a dream of leaving my house in Monte Carlo, getting onto a yacht in the harbour and sailing with my family for New York to arrive in less than a week," founding partner Jean-François Ruchonnet said. "I wanted to travel in the same style, comfort and speed as a motor yacht but without using thousands of gallons of fuel. And when I arrived, I saw myself driving my car off the yacht straight onto the road in the USA...."

He'll then clap his hands and the yacht will park itself, dim the lights, and wait for him to return. 

[via Design You Trust]