Game: 2002 BCS National Championship
Miami Hurricanes vs. Ohio State Buckeyes

Back when the Big Ten didn't lose every game on the national stage by 60 points, Ohio State and a handful of other soon-to-be convicts represented the Midwest in College Football's biggest game and won—sort of. Facing fourth down on the Miami 5-yard-line and down seven, Buckeye quarterback Craig Krenzel threw a desperate pass to Chris Gamble. As the ball arrived, Hurricane cornerback Glenn Sharpe awkwardly hugged an airborne Gamble. While the two tangled together like a pair of middle schoolers slow dancing, the ball bounced out of the back of the end zone. 

Hurricane players, thinking they'd just won a National Title, stormed the field. As the celebration began, a line judge threw a flag for pass interference. The late and controversial call gave the Buckeyes new life, which eventually led to a double overtime win.