A couple days ago, rumors swirled that the Dallas Mavericks released suspended guard Delonte West and we cried. We thought that his Twitter feed had something to do with it. After receiving his second suspension of the 2012 NBA preseason, West took to Twitter to vent out his frustrations. Now reports are surfacing that he is still with the team (phew!). We hope it stays that way because Delonte rules. In other news, the Iron Sheik despises Lil Reese and went on a profanity laced Twitter rant talking about what he's going to do to him. It's absolutely hilarious that Sheiky stays up on his Hip Hop current events. ESPN writer Chris Palmer shared some thoughts on the Lil Reese situation and @'d him which, in turn, destroying his mentions.

Oh, and Jose Canseco wants to manage the Miami Marlins. So, after you soak in all this information, check out The 10 Most Ridiculous Sports Tweets of the Week.