Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless were kicking it with Dallas Mavericks guard Dahntay Jones on ESPN First Take this morning when the subject of Kobe Bryant's sprained foot came up. Stephen A. doesn't think for one minute that Kobe Bean Bryant will miss the October 30 regular-season opener against the Dallas Mavericks. His reaction to even the thought of it was hilarious. In rare form, Stephen A. said:

"He'll be just fine. Opening night Kobe Bryant is gonna miss it because, 'My foot is sprained?' Are y'all crazy? N****, please! It's a waste of time."

Skip handled that gaffe like a pro, too. He changed the subject quick, fast and in a hurry. Stephen A. needs a show on HBO. And for the record, we don't think Kobe is going to miss a minute of the season opener either.

[via Youtube]