2011 NBA Lockout vs. Goodell’s Commitment to “Player Safety”

The Match-up: David Stern's answer to ending the player lockout was to lean towards the owners in dividing revenue and blame players for unsustainable salaries and ballooning contracts. Weird. We're pretty sure owners and reckless GM's write those contracts. But, as is often the case, billionaires correct their errors by robbing the league's players who'd earned their way.

Goodell makes overtures to player safety and, at the same time, resides over a referee lockout and demands an 18 game schedule. Translation: Roger Goodell is all about player safety so long as it doesn't interfere with revenue.

Winner: Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell could have given a damn about player safety until Hall of Famers started vomiting on themselves and banging on his door with MRI results and lawyers. Likewise, Goodell have taken measures to shorten preseason to minimize hits and injuries, but didn't. Why? Cash. Goodell can say, "We want to continue to do is be a part of that solution" but the NFL spends as much money litigating as it does researching. Money, that's the only solution.