NBA’s Pulling of Olympians vs. NFL’s “Blackout” Rule

The Matchup: With the United States steam rolling through the Olympics and basketball on the global stage, David Stern declared, rather inexplicably, that he'd like to ban NBA players over the age of 23 from playing in the Olympics? Why? Because he couldn't profit off of it. Stern proposed a global tournament branded by the NBA, which would bring World Cup-like cash to professional basketball.

The NFL has a policy whereby if a game does not sell out, it's pulled from television in the affected regional market. The NFL, which profits tremendously from broadcast deals, fan purchased merchandise and tax payer-funded stadiums, will not televise Miami games unless Dolphins fans pony up to watch Ryan Tannehill split safety's jerseys in front of a standing room only crowd.

Winner: Roger Goodell

The Olympics is one of those things we pretend to care about for a few weeks every couple years. So, David Stern wants to get in on some of that international cake, so be it. Spain deserves to shine, they're unemployment rate is, like, 25 percent or something. Let them have a chance at Gold. The NFL, on the other hand, has some serious balls blacking out games with a monopoly and $9B in revenue. That takes one cheap asshole, Roger.