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Just one week after suffering a nasty concussion during a game against the Falcons, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III put on an incredible performance yesterday afternoon. Against a pretty solid Vikings D, RG3 lit up fantasy football box scores with 182 yards passing, 138 yards rushing, and three touchdowns total. And, one of those TDs came on a 76-yard run in the fourth quarter that sealed the game for the 'Skins after the Vikings mounted a late-game comeback. So, afterwards, his tight end Fred Davis gave RG3 a new nickname.

"He's Black Jesus," Davis said. "He saved us today. He's a great player. He makes plays. And, he did what he had to do on that third down. We've been talking about him protecting himself a lot more, but he seen an opening and made a play. And, what can you say? I mean, he's a great player."

Black Jesus? Hmmm…Not bad. But, did anyone run this nickname by Tim Tebow first for approval?

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[via CSN Washington]