At this point, we get it. Ray Allen is really, really glad that he's not playing for the Celtics anymore. He may not make as much money playing for the Heat as he could have if he'd stayed in Boston. But, with Miami, he doesn't have to worry about playing with Rajon Rondo for 82-plus games. And, he also won't be used as a decoy on the offensive end of the court, which is something that he wasn't real happy about last year.

"In Boston, they were telling me that they were going to bring me off the bench—'We're going to play you less minutes'—and all I asked was, 'How are you going to use me because the last two years you've been using me as decoys,'" he said recently. "You're running all these plays for me just to pass it to somewhere else and you're not putting me into any scoring opportunities and I'm just standing over in the corner the majority of games."

So, when Miami called him this summer and offered him a better role, he decided to take it.

"Miami, they did everything they could," he said. "It was like, even though they were limited money-wise, they were talking about how to play, how the game can be played, and how they were going to incorporate me into the offense. 'This is how we envision using you.' It was better than what Boston was telling me and that was the team that I played on."

Hmmm…Bitter much, Ray? We get it. Enjoy South Beach. Now, can't we all please just move on?

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[via Miami Herald]