According to Keith Olbermann's "Nerd Blog" on, New York Yankees president Randy Levine and Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria were recently joking with each other about the possibility of Alex Rodriguez playing in his hometown of Miami. At one point in the conversation, Loria told Levine, "Alex is Mr. Miami; it would be great if he played here for us" wherein the Yanks president replied, "You can have him." 

In response to the rumors, the Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said the following:

"I have had no discussions whatsoever with the (Miami) Marlins. Certainly would never have any trade discussions under the circumstances. I certainly have not had any discussions with any GMs other than the pregame meetings with Dan Duquette with the Orioles, with the umpires and then with Dave Dombrowski (of the Tigers). But I've had no trade discussions, so false. One hundred percent false."

With his poor playoff performance still fresh in the mind of the Yankees front office, it may be safe to assume that we haven't heard the last of A-Rod possibly getting shipped out to Miami.

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[via ESPN New York]