He may have forgotten how to hit a baseball during the 2012 MLB Playoffs. But, clearly, Alex Rodriguez still knows how to hit on hot chicks.

Yesterday, we told you about how A-Rod reportedly hit on a couple of girls during Game 1 of the American League Championship Series. One of them even gave him her number—in the middle of the game! And, now, we know who that, er, lucky lady is.

Her name is Kyna Treacy, and she is an Australian bikini model. She pretty much confirmed that A-Rod did hit on her earlier today when it was widely reported that the "33-year-old" model was the girl in the crowd who had caught A-Rod's attention:

Whatever she is, she's hot. Just click through the thumbs and take a better look. Now that you've seen her, are you willing to forgive A-Rod for what he did?

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[via Terez Owens]