Before acquiring Andrew Bynum via trade, the Philadelphia 76ers signed Kwame Brown to a 2-yr/$6 million deal to be their starting center. Many folks thought (us included) that he should be getting the veteran's minimum of $1.7 million, at best. Kobe Bryant feels the same way. In the midst of his verbal joust with former teammate Smush Parker, he decided to take a shot at Kwame as well:

“I don’t know how he convinced Philadelphia to cough up $7 million a year, They want to lock us out, but they’ll pay him $7 million.”

He obviously exaggerated Brown's salary, but when he was asked if the former No. 1 pick can help Bynum in practice like he did in Los Angeles, Kobe answered:

“You know what, he may have showed Andrew a couple of things though, especially on screen-and-roll coverages and one-on-one defense. Offensively? No way. Kwame, he’s a great defensive player. He’s one of the best defensive big men I’ve ever seen. But in terms of offense, he was challenged.”

Defense is the one thing Kwame Brown is good at, but "one of the best defensive big men I've ever seen" is even a bigger exaggeration than what Kobe initially thought Brown's salary was. We wonder who else Kobe is going get at. The acquisitions of Nash and Howard have him feeling froggy.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]