The Los Angeles Lakers may be Kobe Bryant's team right now, but that may change very soon. In an interview with Ken Berger of, Bryant admitted that the time is ticking on his NBA career. Two more seasons, to be exact. "It's not about health necessarily," KB said. "It's about, 'Do I want to do it? Do I have that hunger to continue to prepare at a high level?'" For the Black Mamba, it's also about trying to match or even surpass Michael Jordan's mark of six NBA championships. Kobe currently stands at a total of five 'chips. 

When Berger brought up to Bryant the possibility of changing his mind about ending his career and relegating himself to a role player, Kobe responded, "That's not gonna happen. That's just not me." After more than 15 years in a Lakers uniform, it's hard to imagine the end being near for KB but as they say, "all good things gotta come to an end."


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[via Eye On Basketball]