Kobe Bryant wants you to vote. So, recently, he penned a piece for iVillage about the importance of voting. And, we have absolutely no idea how he managed to do this (or, better yet, why he bothered to do this). But, in the piece, he also admits that he used to love watching Sex and the City with his wife Vanessa. No, seriously. The entire piece is about voting, and then…BAM! Seemingly out of nowhere, Kobe comes clean about catching "Carrie Fever" back in the day.

"WE MATTER," he writes. "That's a powerful feeling, one that I've taken for granted in the past. In the past, I believed that not exercising my right to vote would not make a difference in who became the next president, so why should I take the time to learn the issues? I'd rather be shooting hoops! The change occurred when Vanessa and I had our babies. Neither of us grew up in politically charged households so the issues weren't things we were necessarily excited to read about and discuss to say the least. [Ed. note: Everything is fine up until now. But, prepare to get lost in 3, 2, 1...] It was ESPN for me and 'Carrie Fever' (Sex and the City) for her. (Yes, I watched the show and loved it…It was quite 'informative')."

Kobe goes on to talk more about voting, the importance of voting, and why he plans on casting a ballot on November 6. But, yo: Did he really just cop to watching Sex and the City on a regular basis in the middle of all of it? And, more importantly, why did he do it?

Even Jay said, "Nah, I'm good," when B used to try and get him to watch Carrie & Co.! C'mon, Kobe. And, the worst part about your admission is that IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE POINT YOU WERE TRYING TO MAKE!

SMH. Hopefully you got some brownie points at home for this.

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[via iVillage]