Last month, Kevin Durant caught hell for working out with LeBron James. Guys like Skip Bayless got all over him for getting into the gym with a guy who, in theory, is his enemy on the basketball court. Further, they questioned KD's drive and competitive nature. How could he possibly work out with the guy who helped end his championship run last season?

As it turns out, the whole KD-working-out-with-LBJ thing was blown out of proportion. Durant says that they only worked out together for one day—and that he only did it because he wanted someone, anyone really, to work out with.

"A lot of people blew [it] out of proportion," he said recently. "It was just one day…I'm a competitive guy. I'm sure you guys have seen that in me. I just wanted to work out. I'll work out with anybody. I would have worked out with Kobe Bryant. I would have worked out with Carmelo [Anthony]. I just wanted to work out and get better. He was the first guy that called me and I said, 'Hey, why not?' And I went out there [to Ohio] and worked hard."

All this hoopla for a one-day workout? This just turned into a non-story. Sorry, Skip.

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[via Oklahoman]