Justin Verlander had a hell of a game last night. Although the Tigers/Athletics game was overshadowed by the Yankees/Orioles contest, the Tigers ace struck out 11 and only gave up four hits as Detroit won 6-0 to clinch their best-of-5 series against Oakland. So, what did Verlander do to celebrate? Well, judging by this tweet, we hope he spent the night kicking it with Kate Upton once he got back from the Bay:

Yep, we're still on that, folks. Despite the fact that they still haven't confirmed their relationship publicly, it sounds like Verlander and Upton—who starred in MLB 2K12 ads together earlier this year—are, in fact, an item. And, we're not just making that up based on the fact that she was spotted at a Tigers game this season. Even Verlander's grandfather is aware of the fact that his grandson has been hanging out with one of the finest chicks in the world.

"I heard he has been on dates with a Sports Illustrated girl," Richard Verlander Sr. told Celebuzz recently. "I saw a photo. She's beautiful. They make a good-looking pair because he's a good-looking man, too."

Hmmm….You saw a photo, gramps? So, you haven't actually seen her in person yet? Then, this relationship can't be too serious yet. Or, is it? Quick, somebody get Uncle John on the phone and see if Justin and Kate have RSVP'd for Thanksgiving yet! We must know now!

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[via Celebuzz]