If you were dating Kate Upton, wouldn't you tell, well, everyone? We know we would. Our new Twitter name would be @KateUptonsBF. Fuck being modest. This is Kate Upton we're talking about! You better believe you'd hear about it.

And yet, for whatever reason, Justin Verlander—who is reportedly dating the Sports Illustrated model right now, at least according to his grandfather—is still being coy about it. He's pitching in Game 1 of the World Series tonight and, when asked about his relationship with Upton recently for a piece that ran in USA Today just in time for the big game, he refused to confirm or deny it.

"I'm not confirming or denying anything," he said. "I'll leave that to my grandfather. God bless him…I never thought I'd have to prepare my grandfather. It's a whole different world. I can't believe that people would call my grandparents. It's tough when people start trying to dig into your personal life."

Fair enough. But, it's also tough when people can't answer a simple "yes or no?" question. Especially when we think that answer is "YES!" and especially when all we want to do is high-five Verlander for it. Good luck tonight, dude. If you win, will you tell us? Please?

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[via USA Today]