Back in June, Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of 45 counts of child molestation with 10 boys. Tomorrow, Sandusky will be sentenced and even though he faces up to 442 years in prison, the former Penn State defensive coordinator still maintains his innocence. Prior to receiving his sentence, Sandusky will speak for 10 to 15 minutes through "prepared remarks written during his time in jail" that will surely reiterate his "not guilty" sentiment while also enraging some folks in the process.

"I'm responding to the worst loss of my life," Sandusky said in the interview, which was confirmed as authentic via the Twitter account of one of Sandusky's attorneys, Karl Rominger.

"First, I looked at myself," Sandusky continued. "Over and over, I asked, why? Why didn't we have a fair opportunity to prepare for trial? Why have so many people suffered as a result of false allegations? What's the purpose? Maybe it will help others; some vulnerable children who could be abused, might not be because of all the publicity.

"That would be nice, but I'm not sure about it. I would cherish the opportunity to become a candle for others, as they have been a light for me. They could take away my life, they could make me out as a monster, they could treat me as a monster, but they can't take away my heart. In my heart, I know I did not do these alleged disgusting acts."

According to his legal team, Sandusky will appeal their sentence, claiming that his lawyers were "overwhelmed by the mountain of evidence and incapable of preparing for witnesses or providing a reasonable defense."

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