Don't try to fight us on this one. The campaign is "The Unexpected Ones," and that holds true. We wouldn't expect NBA players to be driving Volvos, particularly NBA players that are as popular and well-liked as Jeremy Lin. It certainly wouldn't have fit in with the New York crowd, but there's no more need to worry about that.

Calling the 24-year-old's career unexpected would be a huge understatement, as he's bounced around many teams in his undrafted two-year career, and it was an even bigger surprise that the Knicks let him go after igniting the team last year. He'll now be the starting point guard down in Houston, one of the original teams that gave him a shot. We're just saying, although it's extremely nice and possibly overlooked, the Volvo SUV isn't a starter's car. 

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[via Volvo]