If you have Anderson Varejao on your fantasy basketball team, congratulations. After watching him put up nine points, 23 rebounds (!), and nine assists last night, it's clear you've got a talented player on your team. We were really impressed by his performance in a Cavaliers win against the Wizards.

We weren't alone, either. Varejao's teammate Tristan Thompson was really impressed with Varejao, too. And, after the Cavs got the win, he told reporters just how impressed he was—in the weirdest way possible.

"Andy is a horse, man," he explained. "He might win the Kentucky Derby by himself. I might have to saddle up and try and ride him to victory. That's how strong of a leader he is."

Uhhh…okay? We know that's a compliment and all. But, it's also a little, okay, a lot weird. How about next time you just say he had a good game and keeping it moving?

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]