Machine Gun Kelly's big day has finally arrived. After garnering attention with his mixtapes 100 Words and Running, Lace Up, and Rage Pack; going gold with his Waka-assisted "Wild Boy" single and signing to Bad Boy Records with Diddy; MGK debuts with Lace Up, an emotional album two years in the making.

In anticipation of today's launch, we were able to speak to him last week and get his 10 wildest tour bus stories, which included an assist from a porn star and peeing on people that piss off his crew. After that portion of our talk, we asked him about his history with cars and found out that four wheels haven't been too kind to him. Read below to find out about his two accidents and what he plans to buy for his first major car purchase. 

Interview by Tony Markovich (@T_Marko)

What has your relationship been with cars?
Terrible, I’ve been in two accidents. I totalled two cars. 

What were you driving?
One was an Explorer and the other was a Nissan Altima. 

What happened?
The Nissan Altima was when I was maybe 19. We pulled over on the side of the highway right before New York, because I didn’t have a license. We had to switch, so my friend that had a license could drive. So, this Russian dude came up doing highway speed, so 60-70 mph, and blams our shit from the back. Our cars rolled into a ditch, his head is busted open and bleeding. I woke up with half of my body outside the car. All the glass was shattered. It was some real shit, but none of us were injured. The other dude was fucked up. Fuck him, dude, bitch-ass mother fucker. Fuck him. 

What happened with the Explorer?
I was driving trying to get to school, and I hit a patch of black ice. I swerved out of control, and there was a car in front of me. So, it was a choice between hitting a car or hitting a pole, and there were kids in that car, so I said fuck it. I decided instead of hurting some kids that I would hurt myself. That was in my mind, for real. I ended up hitting a pole just because there was no other real choice. My tooth went through my bottom lip. It took a long, long time for that shit to heal. Even after I graduated high school, I used to have this big lump on my lip. It was weird. 

Have you ever owned a car?
No. I drove my dad’s car at one point, but that was my dad’s car. 

Will you ever get a car?
Yep. [The Maybach tour] will be the first tour that I’m actually making money off of. The other ones I was sacrificing money. But, you gotta do what you gotta do to earn those stripes. This is the first one I’m making money off of, so I’m looking to get a good car, some shit to pull up in Cleveland to make people get the lemon face. 

In your Tim Westwood freestyle you mentioned Benzes. Is that what you’re looking at?
Nah, I’m actually looking at this foreign sports car that I saw over there. It kinda looks like the Spyder Audi, I think it’s called, but I want to get something more exclusive than an Audi. I want to get a real flashy car. Benzes are really mature and shit. I need some shit that is as wild as I am. That or a muscle car or something, just some loud, ignorant shit. I need some shit that matches my personality, which is in your face and fuck off.

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