Josh Smith has been known to put up one too many three-point shots for the Atlanta Hawks. Despite the fact that he's got hops for days and the ability to take the ball to the bucket, Smith settles for deep jumpers far too often. Or, at least, he used to settle for them.

At the Hawks media day yesterday, Smith was asked about his knack for taking too many threes. And, he revealed that he's taking on a new nickname that should put a smile on the faces of lots and lots of Hawks' fans.

"You haven't seen the roster?" he asked. "We've got Kyle Korver, Devin Harris, Louis Williams, Anthony Morrow, Anthony Tolliver. Am I missing anyone? Jeff Teague…So, there we go. That answers the question. I didn't even say my name, did I? Call me Mid-Range Shawty."

Mid-Range Shawty?!? Yes! We will gladly call you that, Josh. In terms of coming up with your own nickname, you just bodied Chris Bosh's weak attempt from earlier this week.

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[via Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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