The tires, an exhaust pipe and a coilover spring are about the only recognizable parts left after this terrible Porsche 911 GT2 RS accident. A member at Luxury4Play posted these photos, which he said he received in an email with the attached message: 

"This is the fastest Porsche 911 ever produced. 2011 GT2 RS. 
I tried to buy this car about 2 months ago. 
They retailed it a few weeks later. 
This happened about 4 hours after the guy picked it up. 
Estimated speed when he hit the semi-truck was 160mph. 
Report also said he was airborne when he hit. 
It had a full Porsche roll bar with harnesses."

We have no word on whether or not the driver lived, but from the looks of that, we would have to assume the worst. 

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[via Luxury 4 Play]