Ford is having some trouble with its Consumer Reports ratings. The company's MyFord Touch system has been buggy and irritating to owners since it was introduced, and as it proliferates throughout the Ford and Lincoln lineups it's dragging reliability ratings down. Also, the very reliable Fusion, Lincoln MKZ, and Escape were all redesigned for 2013, which means that they were not considered in the study. 

While Ford might be barely maintaining a lead above the infamous Jaguar at the moment, know that buyers who elect not to have a touchscreen will most likely have very reliable cars. It's probably for the best, as touchscreens in cars are evil anyway; you can operate a button or knob without taking our eyes off the road, but not a touchscreen.

Judging by what's going on here, we'd still buy, and trust a Ford. This shows the flaws in both the Blue Oval's cars and Consumer Reports' rating system, in our eyes.

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[via Consumer Reports]

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