Yes, even NFL quarterbacks can be felled by weather.

Take the example of Eli Manning, who—as we learn by a photo that's been floating around Twitter via NBC New York's Facebook Page—spent some time this morning staring at the flooded lobby of his Hoboken, New Jersey apartment. 

For those who don't live in the area, Hoboken is a city directly across the Hudson River from New York City, and basically sits on the west side of the Hudson, staring at the Manhattan skyline. In Hoboken, there are some especially nice, fairly pricy high-rise apartment buildings with views aimed directly at the majestic Manhattan skyline. And the closer to the the water you are, the more expensive your apartment is going to get.  

This tends to become a bitter irony in bad weather situations, as you're also paying for the first apartments to get wrecked by bad weather. But don't feel too bad for Eli. Just remember:

(A) His apartment isn't flooded. Just the lobby.
(B) Unlike a lot of people, his building still has power. 
(C) Unlike a lot of people, he's a two-time Super Bowl MVP, and can probaly afford alternate interim lodgings that aren't half-bad.
(D) The Mannings grew up in New Orleans. They've probably seen weather like this.

This may, however, be bad news for Giants fans. Eli Manning doesn't need distractions like a flooded apartment to help him win games. For everyone else, it's a stripe of good news, as we all get to watch the internet's "pranksters" make memes out of Eli Manning Looking at Things, via the cretins at Deadspin. We hope you join in on their fun. 

UPDATE: Here is their cutout, for you to use, to make Eli Manning look at things.




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