Ride as a pack, get pulled over as a pack. That was clearly the thought process for eight Bugatti Veyrons in France recently when a bystander spotted the supercars all sitting on the side of the road. The cars were on the way the way to the French Riviera and were not speeding, however, one did have an incorrect numberplate. Here's the account of the observer: 

"I saw a Bugatti Veyron driving past, then another one and another one. I thought to myself what is happening to me right now? I know the area quite well because I regularly organize tours with my business Duma Travel, but hardly see cars in this region. And now I saw eight Bugatti’s at once and in the middle of nowhere! After a while I saw them again, but then parked next to the road stopped by the police. They weren’t speeding, but one of the supercars had a wrong numberplate. The driver received a fine of 250 euros."

Something tells us that a Bugatti Veyron owner won't be too worried about a 250 euro fine. 

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[via autovisie]