Although Mark Cuban says that he's actually glad that the Dallas Mavericks lost out in the Deron Williams sweepstakes this summer, we have to believe that, deep down, he doesn't really believe that. The Mavs have a serviceable squad this year. But, Dirk Nowitzki only has a few good years left in him, so Dallas doesn't need "serviceable." They need one or two big pieces that'll make them a true title contender again. And, they could have landed a huge piece back in July by signing D-Will.

Unfortunately, they missed out on the chance to sign him when he opted to resign with the Brooklyn Nets. And, one of the big reasons he went with the Nets over the Mavericks was because Cuban didn't show up to the Mavericks' recruiting meeting. Instead, he was out in L.A. filming an episode of Shark Tank. We've know that for awhile now, but D-Will himself confirmed it and talked about it yesterday.

"Of course," he said when he was asked whether or not Cuban's decision to skip the meeting affected his thinking. "A lot of the questions that me and my agent had for them really didn't get answered that day—you know, pertaining to the future. And I think if he was there, he would have been able to answer those questions a little bit better. Maybe would have helped me."

Maybe. But, Cubes didn't show up, so D-Will stayed put. And, we get the feeling it's a move that the Mavericks will regret not making sometime over the course of the next year or two.

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[via The New York Times]