In the 12th inning of a gripping Game 1 ALCS match-up between the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees, Derek Jeter dove for a grounder headed towards the gap leading to centerfield. What followed was a collective heart-sinking feeling that swept throughout Yankee Stadium. After rolling is left ankle on the infield dirt, Jeter was unable to get up.

Jeter was eventually assisted off the field by trainer Steve Donahue and manager Joe Girardi as the Yankee faithful chanted The Captain's name. At the conclusion of the Yanks' 9-7 loss to the Tigers in Game 1, it was revealed that Jeter suffered a broken left ankle and would miss the remainder of the playoffs.

The Yankees will activate shortstop Eduardo Nunez prior to Game 2 of the series.

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[via Huffington Post]

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