A Jersey man, Jargett Washington, entered a busy intersection the other day and got all nice and naked. He then ran around, banged on motorists' windows and screamed nonsense at them. His next step was to try to steal a car, but was fought off by the driver. At this point, the police showed up who, after a struggle, got him into a cop car and took him to the hospital. The hospital, no doubt eager to get rid of the violent lunatic, released him back to the police very quickly.

Washington decided that the best way to protest having been put in a jail cell was to spit on police officers through the bars, and try to gnaw his own finger off. The police took this as an excuse to try to pawn him off on the hospital again, but the medical professionals sent him back to jail. On his way back he dropped a steaming one in the back seat of the cop car. Once he found himself in jail again, he bit off and ate his own finger, which allowed the police to get him admitted to the hospital for real. Third time's the charm.

Whats amazing about this story is that bath salts played no part in it. It was just good old fashioned PCP. To paraphrase Old Spice commercials: "PCP: if your grandfather hadn't used it, it wouldn't have taken seven 12-guage shots to bring him down after he had sex with a police cruiser."

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[via NJ.com

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