Bugatti already turned the Veyron up to 1,200hp while adding carbon fiber and a "Super Sport" badge in order to retake the throne of "world's fastest production car," but with the SSC Tuatara lurking around the corner, VW's insanity department must be looking to retain the throne.

That's why it's now being rumored that a 1,600hp version of the Veyron, that we have just decided will be called the Veyron Super-Duper Sport, is being developed. In addition to housing the power of 13.9 Honda Fits, the Super-Duper Sport will also gain more carbon fiber parts for a total weight savings of 550 lbs. This will make the car do the 0-60 sprint in only 1.8 seconds (faster than a modern F1 car!), and top out at 288mph, or Mach 0.375, if you prefer.

Start saving your pennies, because this beast will cost $2.5 million.

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[via Automobile]

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