When fuel is burned, a variety of different compounds are released into the air, which has caused quite a stir among humans and exposed the world's penguin supply to many more UV rays than they would have otherwise been exposed to. It's a problem. Some clever guy at Audi realized that if we could round up those same compounds and use a green, renewable energy source to turn them back into fuel. While it sounds like the kind of thing that would sell for $499.95 on Craig's List and do exactly nothing, the way Audi explains it it just might work. 

Water is first split into hydrogen and oxygen via hydrolysis that is powered by wind, solar, or other environmentally friendly power sources. This is then combined with greenhouse gases taken from the atmosphere to create what Audi is calling e-gas which is in turn burned in an internal combustion engine. 

We like this solution, because it means that we can be good to the planet without giving up things like th Audi R8 V10; we like the Audi R8 V10.

[via Autoblog]