We can already hear Brian Cushing's Houston Texans teammates now: "Gee, thanks, dude. You go on IR and now you're making Super Bowl predictions?!?!"

During the Monday Night Football game against the Jets earlier this week, the Texans linebacker suffered a torn ACL and will be forced to miss the remainder of the 2012-13 NFL season. But, despite his injury—which many NFL analysts think could impact the Texans greatly from here on out—Cushing still thinks that his team has what it takes to win the title this year. So, he took to his Facebook wall late yesterday to make a bold prediction.

"Trust me when I say that I'll be back better than ever next year," he wrote. "But in the meantime, I want to thank my teammates, coaches, and you fans for all the amazing love and support. Oh, and WE are STILL winning THIS year's Super Bowl."

We love the confidence. But, maaaaaaan, you do realize that you've just put a target on the Texans, right? We just hope your teammates don't mind too much.

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[via theScore]