Forgetting your keys is the worst, isn't it? If you've ever walked up to your office, your car, or, hell, even your house and realized that you don't have your keys on you, you know the feeling. So, we can all relate to what happened to Wizards guard Martell Webster over the weekend. Well, to a degree...

After playing the Spurs on Friday night, the Wizards arrived back at Dulles International Airport in Virginia at around 3:30 in the morning after a stop in Kansas City. It was late and Webster, like the rest of his teammates, just wanted to get back to his car, head home, and go to sleep. But, when he arrived at his ride, he realized that he'd accidentally left his keys in Kansas City. An app on his iPhone allowed him to get into the car (gotta love technology!), but he obviously couldn't go anywhere once he got inside. So, he did what any rich NBA player would do: He called a cab went to sleep and waited for his wife to come pick him up.

"Good thing I have a wife that loves me," he said. "She came and got me. I slept in my car for two hours…As long as I had shelter I was good. By the time I had figured out my keys were in Kansas City, everybody was gone. I didn't want to call anybody. I didn't mind. I'm from the Northwest, we do weird stuff like sleep in our cars—not a problem. If you haven't slept in your car then you're weird."

Um, OK. Then consider us weird! Although there was that one time we slept…Oh, nevermind. Let's just say that we definitely feel Webster's pain—and that we'll never forget our keys again.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]