Alfa Romeo has been talking about returning to the American market for over a decade now, and over the last two years the rumors have really heated up. That said, only 90 high-end, exotic 8Cs have been sold in our country during that time. The company's plan has been constantly shifting ever since.

The latest plan involves spear-heading the invasion with the Giulia sedan, that will fill the same market segment as the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4. This will be powered by a Pentastar V6, a turbo-four, or a fuel-sipping diesel. Following the Giulia will be a CUV based on a small Jeep platform. 

After those two volume sellers are moving out of dealerships they will be followed by the gloriously sexy, mid-engined exotic that is the 4C and a two-seat convertible sports car that will be built on the next generation Mazda Miata platform. 

We like this plan, and we really hope this one isn't a load of bull.

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[via Car & Driver]

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