If you live in California, you might have recently seen the rarely odd sight of the Endeavour space shuttle piggybacking a plane through the air. If you're lucky, you'll see an even stranger sight this weekend when a Toyota Tundra pulls the space shuttle over the 405 freeway on the Manchester Bridge this Saturday.  The bridge, which is part of the route to the Endeavour's new home at the California Science Center, requires a different weight distribution technique, thus the Tundra tow. 

To make sure this whole thing was going to work, Toyota put the Tundra to the test by loading up two trailers that weigh 55,000 lbs. each with 90,000 lbs. of concrete on them. Even the dolly on the trailer weighs 15,000 lbs., so that puts the test at a total of about 307,000 lbs. Of course, the Tundra was able to complete the challenge. Toyota is promoting the pull with a vote between three bumper stickers to appear on the truck during the pull. The first says, "HONK if your truck towed a shuttle," the second says, "Only one truck towed Endeavour. MINE," and the third (and best, in our opinion) says, "Yeah, it'll tow your boat."

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[via Toyota]