When a shark got a hold of 39-year-old surfer Javier Solario yesterday morning just off the coast of Lompoc, Calif., the poor guy never stood a chance. Within minutes, the shark reportedly bit the San Francisco resident several times and, although one of his fellow surfers came to his aid and pulled him out of the water, he was pronounced dead on the scene by paramedics.

"The coroner's office has recovered the body and will do an investigation of where the victim was bit, any injuries that were inflicted from that bite," Lt. Erik Rankey of the Santa Barbara County sheriff's office said late yesterday.

Sadly, the shark attack is the second one that's occurred in the same area in the past two years. The last attack occurred back in October 2010 when a 19-year-old was mauled by a great white shark.

Stay out of the water, guys! At least, stay out of the water in that spot. That seems like the smart move to make, right?

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[via ABC News]