St. Louis Rams cornerback Danny Amendola almost died on Thursday night when he dislocated his clavicle in a weird way. But, even he would have to admit that he didn't suffer the worst injury of the sports weekend.

During a rugby match in England on Saturday between the Warrington Wolves and the Leeds Rhino, Wolves player Paul Wood caught a knee to the groin. The result? A ruptured testicle (holy %&^*!) that later needed to be removed completely (HOLY %&^*!!!!!!!!!!). And, what's even crazier is that somehow Wood actually played through the pain for an entire half and didn't go to the hospital to seek medical attention until after the game.

"An accidental knee caught me," he said later. "I could feel I wasn't right, but I managed to stay on for 20 minutes until [coach] Tony [Smith] took me off…I'm not too bad. It sounds worse than it is."

Sounds worse than it is? We'll take your word for it. But, we're willing to bet that rupturing your testicle and then losing it completely is every bit as painful as it sounds.

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[via BBC]