Sport: Soccer
Year: 1989

April 15, 1989 would mark the worst stadium-related disaster in British history, and one of the world’s worst soccer disasters. The scene was a FA Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest that ended almost as soon as it started. The area allotted to Liverpool fans, which was primarily standing only, had become overpacked with supporters. To compensate for the overcrowding, and minimal entrances, police ushered fans into a tunnel underneath the stand to wait.

Moments after kick-off the stand collapsed and 96 supporters were crushed while 766 were injured. A contentious aftermath saw fans blamed by police for the barrier break and it was only recently discovered that police covered up what really happened and that no fans were really to blame. Apologies were made by the British PM, local police officials, and then-editor of the British newspaper The Sun to the families of those lost. As a result of the incident most big clubs throughout England and Europe were forced to remove all standing-style terraces from stadiums.