Traveling to another city to see your hometown team play can be a pretty crazy experience. But, for one Chicago Bears fan who traveled to Jacksonville to see his team go up against the Jaguars yesterday, things got a little bit too crazy—and he lost his life as a result of it.

Early Sunday morning, police were called to the Irish bar Fionn MacCool's in Jacksonville after an altercation took place involving 42-year-old Chicago native William Christopher Pettry (pictured above) and 28-year-old Jacksonville resident Matthew Hinson (peep the thumbs to see his mugshot). According to police reports, the two men were involved in an argument that resulted in Hinson stabbing Pettry and then calmly walking out of the bar. Several people who were on the scene and saw everything go down were able to trap Hinson in the parking lot until cops arrived. But, sadly, Pettry was dead by the time they got there.

"Today my husband William Christopher Pettry (Most of you only know him by Chris) was taken from his family way to [sic] early," his wife Karen Hunt Pettry wrote on her Facebook page last night. "Some idiot has taken his life. Im so mad, just don't understand why, very lost right now. Please hug the ones you love because you never know if tomorrow you will have that chance."

Hinson has been charged with murder. What a sad story.

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[via ESPN Chicago]